It’s lockdown baking time -Sourdough Bread Making Kits

Really cheesed off with being stuck at home? Well it has never been a better time to master making Sourdough.  We’ve got lots of options for you

You could buy a jar of Sourdough starter, use your own recipe and equipment or you could buy our Sourdough starter with a recipe.  It you haven’t tried baking Sourdough then one of our Baking Kits might be a good option for you.  The Deluxe and Ultimate Baking Kits include our full set of breadmaking notes we use in our workshops as well as several recipes you can try at home.  

We love getting hands on with dough, it is a great stress reliever and at the end of the process you have made something tasty, so there is a great sense of achievement.  Come on what you waiting for lets  get baking .......